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Ensuring Home Buyers Peace of Mind

In the Phoenix Metro Area, new residential subdivisions are required
to demonstrate a 100-year water supply.
There are two ways home builders do this.

Subdivisions located in areas designated by the Arizona Department of Water Resources as a “Designated Provider” can demonstrate the needed water supply simply by building in the Designated Provider’s service area. This is because the Designation reflects ADWR’s determination that the provider has sufficient water resources to meet the needs for all land uses over the next 100-years.

Designated Providers include:

Subdivisions located in areas that are not designated by the Arizona Department of Water Resources as a Designated Provider can get an individualized determination from the Department that there is enough water to serve this specific subdivision. This individualized determination is done by securing a “Certificate of Assured Water Supply” prior to recording a subdivision plat.

To get a Certificate, developers must demonstrate:
Physical Water Availability Sources of water have specific requirements for demonstration of physical availability. A list of those specific requirements can be found in the Arizona Administrative Code. (See: A.A.C. R12-15-716)
Continuous Water Availability Water providers or developers must demonstrate that the water supply is uninterruptible for the 100-year period, or that sufficient backup supplies exist for any anticipated shortages. (See: A.A.C. R12-15-717)
Legal Water Availability An applicant must demonstrate legal rights to all water supplies included in the application. (See: A.A.C. R12-15-718)
Water Quality Proposed sources of water must satisfy existing state water quality standards and any other quality standards applicable to the proposed use after treatment. (See: A.A.C. R12-15-719)
Financial Capability Water providers or developers must demonstrate financial capability to construct the water delivery system and any storage or treatment facilities. Financial capability for developers is typically considered through the local government's subdivision review process. A demonstration is also required that adequate delivery, storage and treatment works will be available to the applicant or the applicant's customers for 100 years. (See: A.A.C. R12-15-720)
Consistency with the Management Plan (Assured Water Supply Only)       Each AMA's Management Plan prescribes water conservation requirements for municipal water providers. Water demand associated with proposed subdivisions is evaluated in accordance with these conservation requirements. (See: A.A.C. R12-15-721)
Consistency with the Management Goal (Assured Water Supply Only) Applicants must demonstrate consistency with the management goals of each AMA. (See: A.A.C. R12-15-722)
If you are standing in a model home looking at a new subdivision outside of a designated provider area, you can be assured that the Department of Water Resources has determined that these criteria have been met and there is enough water to serve these homes for the next 100-years.

What about Buckeye and Queen Creek?

Areas such as Buckeye and Queen Creek rely on developers to secure individualized Certificates of Assured Water Supply.
Both these areas are confident in their water security.

Already approved housing development will continue to grow in Buckeye for at least the next decade.
The Governor’s announcement with ADWR does not impact any current Queen Creek water customers nor any projects under development.